Coconut, Sister of mankind: the hunt for lost varieties
A public lecture about coconut palms and their genetic ressources, an ambitious research project for French Polynesia, Samoa and Fiji, and press release linked to these activities

Cocotier, Soeur des hommes: à la recherche des variétés perdues
ne conférence grand public sur le cocotier, un ambitieux projet de recherche en Polynésie Française, à Samoa et au Fidji, et les réactions de la presse à ces initiatives

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mission 2010, Polynésie Française

Here is a paper published by Vincent Johnson in the prestigious yearly journal Geneflow published by Bioversity international.

Click on the picture to make it readable.

At this period, the horned coconut palm of the Tetiaroa Atoll was thougth to be lost. A fem time later, it was re-discovered, see the complete story here.